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About Justin

Justin graduated with a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration.  Throughout his career, Justin has held numerous product and support engineering roles and has experience leading organizations of over a thousand people and a budget exceeding $150M.  He currently works as an executive for an IT company and is able to enjoy a mix of work-from-home (especially given all the great downtown coffee shops) and commuting to Santa Clara. 

Justin and his wife have 3 children who attend Hearst Elementary School.  You can often find him volunteering at both classroom and school events - from crossing guard to school mascot.  Justin values supporting our local schools and has seen firsthand the tremendous value of Pleasanton's teachers, school facilities, and district support programs.  Justin's desire to strengthen our schools is a major factor in his decision to run for the district 5 school board position.

Justin has worked tirelessly to improve our community through 3 years of volunteering on the Pleasanton Bike, Pedestrian and Trails Committee and another 6 years on the Pleasanton Planning Commission.  Through his community work he understands the intersection between the work of the city and that of our schools, and believes his prior experience can be a great asset to fighting for the best resources for our students.  Justin is also active in the community as a local Cub Scout leader and unofficial Meadowlark Dairy taste tester. 

PUSD has completed many great projects from Measure I-1 and is also contemplating a further set of much needed school facility improvements.  The district is actively working to manage their properties to plan long term and updated facilities and programs for both staff and students.  Our current School Board Trustee team is very strong with educator experience but we believe Pleasanton would benefit from someone such as Justin with his strong business experience and as well as the ability to bring a perspective from his school-age kids and regular interactions with teachers within the PUSD system.

Justin would love to hear feedback from Pleasanton parents, and is appreciative for all the support as he endeavors to further his sense of community and public service. 



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